Are you interested in a career that focuses on cybersecurity and data management?

Offices in and around London are beginning to focus more on the security of their data infrastructure, making sure their employees, customers and clients are protected.

This truly is a fast-growing industry, and if you’re interested, it’s important you begin researching the potential career paths available today!

From knowing the types of CCTV camera types to designing a data network for a small company, it truly is a diverse, engaging field of work. 

Here at The Countryside Foundation Centre, we offer free computer facilities with access to the internet for use with job search, searching for educational courses, producing CVs etc.

Check out:

  • Full internet access with printing facilities
  • Careers Information Databases
  • Careers Guidance software
  • Assessment tools

The right type of data network and management can help see business prosper. Furthermore, becoming a specialist in data management gives you the opportunity to work in a number of interesting industries. Read more here.