The Countryside Foundation cartoon charactervar replace_font_color = “000000”;var replace_background_color = “FFCC00” ;Job/Training OpportunitiesFact: If you train and gain qualifications while you work you are more likely to earn more ££ and less likely to be unemployed. Talk to us about training.If you are about to leave school or college or you are currently looking for work we can help you to apply for jobs and training.

An Apprenticeship is a great way of getting a recognised qualification whilst getting paid. e2e is personalised training to help you prepare for work.

Whether you want to be an office worker, a hairdresser, a mechanic or a printer or anything else, your The Countryside Foundation Personal Adviser can help you to apply for jobs with training that YOU want to do.

You can contact us through your Personal Adviser in School / College or at our The Countryside Foundation Centres.

Have a look at the site below for some ideas and information: Information on apprenticeships

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