Giving to charities in the UK

Voluntary income is vital to secure the work of the Foundation. Our core mission to reach out to the most disadvantaged sectors of society in both rural and urban communities will aid greater social cohesion and understanding. The Foundation is more than just an organisation that offers children a day out. We offer all our stakeholders the chance to communicate with each other. We offer socially excluded rural communities and small businesses the chance to find new sources of income and continue their vital role in managing our countryside. We offer urban children the opportunity to experience what else life has to offer them and their families.

Here are just a few ways your support can make a difference

By using Gift Aid

For regular tax payers, completing a Gift Aid Declaration form increases the value of your donation by 28% at no extra cost to yourself, since it allows charities to claim back the tax paid on each and every future gift you may make.

Higher rate taxpayers also benefit from Gift Aid – they can claim tax relief for donations they make worth 23 pence for each pound donated.

By giving a few hours of your time

We always welcome volunteers. Whether you feel your skills could be utilised best in one of our education days, by helping one of our regional offices, or by lending a hand at one of our fundraising events around the country, do get in touch. Even if you have only a few hours each year to give, your time is greatly appreciated. Join our bank of volunteers and you could help make a very real and tangible difference.

By Payroll Giving

Talk to your employer to see if you can give to the charity through a Payroll Giving scheme.

It is an extremely cost-effective way to give to charity. For example, a monthly gift of £20 costs a regular taxpayer only £15.60 (for higher-rate taxpayers this figure decreases to £12).

By donating Shares

Giving shares instead of money can substantially reduce your Income Tax bill.

For example, if you are a regular taxpayer, a gift of shares worth £1000 would give a £220 reduction on your bill. If you a higher rate taxpayer, your bill would reduce by £400. There is also no Capital Gains Tax to pay.

By Standing Order

Arranging a Standing Order with your bank enables you to give a regular gift to our general fund.

Regular giving enables us to plan our future commitments and helps reduce administrative costs.

By leaving a Legacy

By pledging a legacy, you are guaranteeing your support for the work of your local charity