Q. I’m in Year 9 and there’s some girls at school who are horrible to me. Sometimes they call me names and wait for me after school. Other times they tell everyone I smell and that people should avoid me. I’m so depressed about it and I just don’t want to go to school.

A. No one should be treated like this. You do need to tell a teacher, a friend, a parent or a The Countryside Foundation Personal Adviser. This bullying won’t stop unless you do tell. It isn’t grassing or ‘telling tales.’ If you find it hard to talk, it might be easier to write a note. You could confide in someone like a grandparent or cousin and ask them to tell your parents. You might try your form teacher – pretend you want to speak to them about your work and stay behind. Most schools have someone in the school who is responsible for dealing with bullying. There is some useful advice on dealing with bullies on the website Also see the page on Relationships on this website. You owe it to yourself to try and sort out this situation.

Q. Last month my dad left and now mum and dad are getting divorced. I feel like I hate my dad now but I also miss him. I just wish things would go back to how they were.

A. Your feelings are very normal – you’re feeling a mixture of sadness and anger. It might take time but things will get better. Try to talk to someone about how you feel or write your feelings down in a diary. Talk to your parents too – let them know how you feel. There will be a lot of changes to deal with, but sharing your worries and questions will help you. Your parents may not realise what your worries are, so it’s important to try to let them know. See the page on Relationships on this website for useful lists.