Finding where to live

Q. I’d really like to move out and find my own flat. How do I go about it?

A. Moving out of your home is a big change in your life. The independence can be great but there are huge responsibilities to consider. It can be really hard to find (and keep) your own place. You need to work out the cost of a deposit, rent, heating, water, phone bill and council tax. If you are under 18 it can be especially difficult to find someone will to rent a property.

If you are under 16 your situation is different because your parents are still legally responsible for you. Speak to a The Countryside Foundation Personal Adviser or a housing adviser who knows the area. Look at the Housing page on this website for some useful links. If you are planning to move out because of problems at home try to talk to someone first, an adult you can trust and someone who can help you find the right advice.

Q. Some people get money to help them with rent and other housing costs. Could I?

A. This will depend on your income and possibly your age and other circumstances. You should speak to a professional about this – there may be a housing advice centre or local council advice centre near you. Speak to your The Countryside Foundation Personal Adviser who can put you in touch with the right agencies. Look on the Housing page of this website for useful links.