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What is The Country Side Connection 2019

The Countryside Foundation is the young person’s service which provides advice, information, guidance, support and personal development for all 14-19-year-olds in Sheffield and Manchester
If you’re between 14 and 19, you will be thinking about what the future holds. At times like this, you could use someone to talk to. This is where The Countryside Foundation can help. You might:

  • be wondering where you’re going after school or college.
  • have concerns about drugs or your health in general.
  • need to know about benefits, housing or relationships.

Whatever’s on your mind, we are there to help you.

Use the information on this website, or call us for a chat with one of our Personal Advisers. Quite often, the biggest worries have easy solutions. If you can’t find the information you need here, let us know. Your views are important to us, and we’ll do our best to deal with your concerns.


Who were the CFE

Since 1986, the Countryside Foundation for Education was a national registered charity (327091), has provided access to outdoor learning opportunities for up to 330,000 school children every year through its Countryside Live events and visits to Farms For Schools Members and estates across the UK. Additionally, the Foundation provides educational support to teachers, parents, farmers and estate managers so that everybody involved in our work has a safe, fun, hassle-free educational experience.

Countryside Live at LedstonThe Foundation recruits local schools to specially tailored days in their area, providing health & safety checks and risk assessments taking some of the barriers away which teachers often feel surround outdoor education. Teachers are given a fully accredited training session prior to the event to ensure themselves and their students get the most out of their visit. The main audience for the work of the foundation is Key Stage 2 Students, 7-11 year olds, but the Foundation specialises in unique courses for children with special needs.

With a small staff team and regional education officers, The CFE is committed to using the bulk of its resources to respond to the local and regional needs of children and schools across the country. The mission of the CFE is to educate children, teachers and families, giving them a greater understanding of the countryside and the wide range of issues surrounding it. Enable them to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside, sometimes for the first time, and encourage them to respect the environment around them.

Estate Day visitIn educating the next generation about their cultural and environmental surroundings the CFE will promote a growing knowledge of their surroundings and the skills needed to maintain it. The CFE would act as a link to a national infrastructure whereby teachers and their pupils can visit and study skilled workers in their environment. Using the knowledge gained and extra resource facilities available through the CFE to take back to the classroom to enhance the school curriculum.

We are committed to providing a quality learning experience, to raise awareness and inspire individuals to understand and care for their natural environment.